About Us


Chairman of:

Medical Services:

Dr. Kuntal Pandit

Dr. Shivani Pandit

Dr. Yogi Vaid

Dr. Amita Vaid

Dr. Jay Patel

Prescription Medicine:

Ms.Nita Limdi


Mr.Rajen Shah

Public Relation:

Mr. Bipin K Patel

Community Services:

Mr.Madhu Shah

Ms. Veena Shah

Ms.Beena Shah

Mr.Arpan Limdi


Mr.Madhu Shah


Ms. Veena Shah

  Mission Statement:

Our mission of this foundation shall be to obtain resources, including funds, money, and property to provide help and assistance for people who are   in need of health care, educational benefits, or any other personal needs for which they cannot provide themselves. The foundation shall generally     conduct and benevolent non-profit organization, the benevolences of which are, however, expressly limited to charitable, scientific, literary,  health care or educational purposes.

We are a non-profit charitable Alabama based Corporation, with 0% overhead; while providing the highest possible value to the community of United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa.

All donations to Share N Care are tax deductible underIRSCode 501(C).

Share N Care has developed a special program suitable for an individual donor of $100/ to be a “Project Owner” and direct the fund according to their choice. All 100% of their donations will be used for that project.

Our motto is “Service to Mankind is Service to God”

Services we are offer:

Education Care:

  • Tuition fees, books, uniforms, and nutrition assistance
  • Support educational programs

Health Care:

  • Medical Check-up camps
  • Medicine at low cost or no cost at all
  • Medical Professional help

Community Care:

  • Food assistance
  • Clothing assistance
  • Natural disaster relief services

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