2013 Report


Education Projects:

  1. Provided School Fees, Uniforms & Books to Students from 12 Schools
  2. Winter Jackets for students provided to fifteen Schools
  3. Note Book/Pen-Pencil/Shoes/ Backpack for students provided to 12 Schools
  4. Provided Carpets & Benches for students in 4 Schools
  5. Supported 4 school Libraries
  6. Air Circulation/ Ceiling fans for classrooms provided to 12 Schools
  7. Supported 3 Handicapped Student schools
  8. Leprosy Institution student’s supply – supported 2 institutions
  9. Mentally Challenged School supply – supported 3 Schools

Medical Projects:

  1. Arranged 6 Medical Camp for Senior Citizens/ Community Center/ School
  2. Arranged 3 Dental Services Camp
  3. Provided Prescription Medicines to needy patients of 12 families
  4. Donations to 2 Hospitals for well-being of Leprosy affected people
  5. Supported 3 Mentally Challenged Children Schools
  6. Supported 3 Handicapped Children Schools

Community Services Projects:

  1. Extending moral & financial support to reestablish victimized 15 families
  2. Food services to 1590 Homeless Men, Women, and Children
  3. Arranged Charity Garba-Dance Program
  4. Provided 120 Boxes of  Clothing’s, Household things, Children Clothing, Children Shoes, Toys, & Games to the needy organizations
  5. Provide Nutrition food & Clothing to 165 needy village families
  6. Clothing Distribution to 85 Widow/Divorced Women
  7. Provide assistance to 20 families to go to Hospitals, Doctor’s office, Nursing Homes, Airport, and Churches
  8. Provides funding to serve food to homeless people
  9. Held 2 Community Garage Sales for fund raising and donated surplus usable goods and furniture to needy organization
  10. Provided Woolen Sweaters and Blankets to 60 needy families during winter

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