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Share N Care Foundation

By Madhu Shah

Share N Care Foundation was established inBirmingham,Alabama three years ago. Share N Care has established network of volunteers over five countries. Almost all immigrants have a good heart to do some charity work for their homeland for Primary or Secondary schools, Colleges, Hospitals or Nursing Homes etc. They like to help needy people of their home town/native place. Most of the well-known charitable organizations don’t work according to the small donor’s (like $100 donation) wishes. Also their establishment overhead cost is well over 18% to 20%. Share N Care offers that service with smiling face without any overhead cost to small donors.

Mission Statement:

Our mission of this foundation shall be to obtain resources, including funds, money and property to provide help and assistance to people who are in need of health care, educational benefits, or any other personal needs for which they cannot provide for themselves. The foundation shall generally conduct as a benevolent non-profit organization, the benevolences of which are, however, expressly limited to charitable, scientific, literary, health care or educational purposes.

We are a non-profit charitable Alabama based Corporation with zero percent overhead, providing highest possible value to the community of United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa. All donations to Share N Care are tax deductible underIRSCode 501(C).

Share N Care has developed a special program suitable for an individual donor of $100 to be a “Project Owner” and direct the fund according to his/her choice. Also all 100% of this donation will be used for that project.

Our motto is “Service to Mankind is Service to God”.

Click to view Share N Care Activites in pictures

Services we are offering:

Education Care:

• Tuition fees, books, uniforms, and nutrition assistance
• Support educational programs

Health Care:

• Medical Check-up camps
• Medicine at low cost or no cost at all
• Medical Professional help

Community Care:

• Food assistance
• Clothing assistance
• Natural disaster relief services

Education Service Projects:
• Provided fees, books and uniforms to more than 158 students of primary schools, high schools and colleges
• Supported education programs of four primary schools and high schools
• Installed 550 feet of underground water pipe line and four water stations at a primary school
• Installing iron gates at two primary school compounds currently
• Provided wheel chairs to students
• Installing ceiling fans in about 8 village schools currently
• Providing sound system to 2 primary schools currently
• Provided books to a single mother to continue her nursing school study

Note: your $10 donation can support 3 primary school students or 2 high school students and donation of $50 can support one college student (in India).

Medical Service Projects:
• Held Community Health Fairs in 2007, 2008 & 2009; Services included: 1. Blood Work including Cholesterol, blood count, chemistry profile 2. Blood Pressure Testing 3. Diabetes screening 4. Women’s Health Issues 5. Ultrasound 6. Dental Check-up 7. Eye examination 8. Nutritional Counseling 9. Pharmacy Counseling 10. Family Practice Specialist Counseling 11. Cardiology Specialist Counseling.
• More than 15 medical Doctors provide their services every year
• More than 300 people participated during last three years’ Health Fairs
• Provided Prescription medicines to needy families
• Provided Dental/Medical Services to needy families
• Held Free Medical Camp in remote Village; More than 4 Doctors and 12 volunteers provided their services. About 125 families participated. Provided Prescription Medicines to 76 families at no cost.

Community Service Projects:
• Provided new clothing such as Dhoti, Kurta, Sari, Blouse, Shirt, Pant, Children Clothing, Bed Sheets and Towel to 158 families of a village.
• Provided household items and food items to 85 needy families
• Provided Major Medical Insurance to 10 families
• Provided food assistance, canned food boxes, flash lights, water bottles and other house hold goods to Salvation Army and Jimmie Hale Mission’s homeless people
• Provides assistance to people to go to Hospital, Doctor’s Office, Nursing Home, Airport, and Church
• Provides volunteering services to serve food homeless people at Salvation Army
• Held a Community Garage Sale and donated 24 boxes of usable goods and furniture to Salvation Army

At present, Share N Care has operating Centers in Birmingham, AL, Atlanta & Augusta, GA, Houston & Dallas TX, San Francisco, CA, and St. Louis, MO.


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