Free Medical, Dental & Eye Care Camps

FREE Health Care camps on Sunday December 15th 2013

Share & Care invites all  to participate at no cost to pay

1.   Medical Camp

2. Eye Camp

3. Dental Camp                                                           

4. Lab Tests

Location:       Madodhar Primary School, Village Madodhar

Waghidia-Goraj Road, Taluka Waghodia

Time:     9.30am- 12.30noon

Free:           Medicines and Dental Kit to all

 Contact:    Naginlal Shah: 0266-829-2062(H)

Govind Shah: 0265-251-5223(H)    94090 29791(M)

Pradumna Joshi: 0265-235-0185 (H)   94095 41279 (M)

Madhu Shah: 0265-232-1959 (H), 81411 44528(M), 96623 16478(M)






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