Wow….Microwave Oven & Lots of Food as Donation!!

Donated Clothing 2 bagsIMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_0612 IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617, Children Clothing 1 bag, House hold goods 1 box, Breads 4 boxes and Microwave Oven to The Jimmy Hale Mission Birmingham AL. on May 29, 2013. . Thanks to our sponsor Nilesh & Rita Desai.

Prayer Service – Uttarakhand Monsoon Mayhem

Uttarakhand Prayer Services Jul-7-2013


Wonderful!! All these items as donation!! Thanks SNC.

Garage Sale of May 2013 remaining items like: Humidifier, Coffee Table, Clothing’s, Household items, Baby strollers, Chairs, Toys, Electronic Games, Telephone, Picture Frames, Exercise Equipments, Printers, Keyboards, Christmas Tree and ornaments are donated to The Salvation Army, Adult Rehabilitation Center, Birmingham. AL. Thanks to our program organizers and Volunteers: Rajen & Beena Shah, Manju Khatri, Madhu & Veena Shah.IMG_7767 IMG_7768 IMG_7787 IMG_7788 IMG_7789 IMG_7790

Wonderful!! I received new book-set !

Student Book-Sets provided to Lali, Gajadara & Kamalapura Schools of Vadadara district, Guj. India. Thanks to our sponsor Rajen & Beena Shah. Also thanks Suman Shah, Pradumna Joshi and Naranbhai Shah to organize the program. IMG_8799 IMG_8800 IMG_8804 IMG_8805 IMG_8820 IMG_8828 IMG_8845

WOW!! More people coming to Garage Sale

Great success.  Raised more than $700 donation. Special Thanks to Rajen & Beena Shah to organize the sale of May 18th ‘13. Thanks to our donors Harsad Gandhakwala, Nilam Parikh, Charlie & Snehal Shah, Smita and Anil Patel, Dilip Shah, Sangita Bhagat, Sandya Anantharamiayah, Dilip Ray, Nilesh & Rita Desai, Madhu & Veena Shah.IMG_0582 IMG_0585 IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0599 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_0603

Oh !! …It’s too hot !! I am sitting under new ceiling fan

New Ceiling Fans provided to Waghodia Kanyashala, Limda,Vishrampura Dental Camp Jan92012 001 Vishrampura Dental Camp Jan92012 002 Vishrampura Dental Camp Jan92012 082 Vishrampura Dental Camp Jan92012 108 Vishrampura Dental Camp Jan92012 109 Vishrampura Dental Camp Jan92012 110 Vishrampura Dental Camp Jan92012 111Ishvarpura, Gajadara, Kamlapura, Lali, Rumipura, Tundiav, Sangadol & Madodhar  School .Thanks to our sponsors Mandeep & Anissia Narang,Pravin & Geeta Shah. Also thanks to Suman Shah, Pradumna joshi and Naranbhai Shah to organize this project.